3D laser scanning, point cloud processing and photogrammetry are our passions.

We offer a comprehensive service for your investment in BIM. We use the latest technology and provide high standards in digitization of historic buildings, building surveys and BIM modeling.

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Technologies of tommorow for AECO industry

We believe that innovative technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and 3D laser scanning go hand in hand with architecture and construction. Our knowledge and experience allow us to make optimal use of available software and tools, resulting in high-quality point clouds and information-rich BIM models. We take care of what matters most - your time.

Heritage BIM

Heritage BIM

Otherwise known as Historic BIM or heritage digitization. We conduct scanning and photogrammetric measurements with high accuracy. Thanks to them, we provide detail-rich Heritage BIM models with developed proprietary classification and historical data.

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3D BIM Modeling

3D BIM Modeling

We create BIM models of architectural and industrial buildings, providing full 2D documentation and refined 3D models. For each model, we provide a presentation in BIMx format.

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BIM Survey

BIM Survey

We perform architectural surveys of buildings and premises using 3D laser scanning technology. In addition, we provide services for the inventory and digitization of historic buildings – the so-called historical BIM. Such a model will allow you to manage the object.

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3D Laser scanning

3D Laser scanning

3D laser scanning services of architectural objects, including digitization of historical monuments, as well as infrastructure, engineering and industrial objects. We use best-in-class laser scanners from FARO’s Focus S series.

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Point clouds

Point clouds

Point cloud processing services, as well as their operation and processing from any type of laser scanner. Among other things, we provide scanning data registration, documentation creation, orthophotos, deformation studies with delta measurements, and cloud filtering.

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We offer fast and precise measurements and practical application of photogrammetric data such as orthophotos and 3D models based on ground photos, drone images, combined with 3D laser scanning and textures.

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3D Laser scanning, point cloud implementations and more

BIMfaktoria is a team of experienced architects, designers and BIM modelers for whom laser scanning, point cloud processing and working in the BIM environment is a passion and pure pleasure.

As a team, we are constantly developing and implementing the latest technologies, which allows us to provide services at the highest level with maximum focus on customer satisfaction.

In addition to services such as working with point clouds or architectural inventory, we perform 3D laser scanning services in Poland and throughout Europe.

Due to our experience and the technologies we operate with, our digitization specialty is cultural heritage sites in Poland and Europe.

We create models that are not only rich in detail, but also contain a wealth of valuable information for architects, investors, property managers or conservationists.

In addition, we offer services related to the sale and configuration of workstations, BIM modeling, creation of BIMx models, as well as BIM implementation and BIM outsourcing. We work with FARO Focus, Archicad, and PointCab environments, and through those technologies we create and implement solutions that optimize and support collaboration with clients.

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Best software for point cloud processing

We believe that good software is the key to success – efficient work and project management, especially when it comes to projects based on 3D laser scanning.

That’s why our product portfolio includes PointCab – the high-resolution point cloud processing software we use on a daily basis.

BIMfaktoria is the only Master Value Added Reseller of PointCab software in Poland and  trusted Partner of the company.

BIM faktoria

With PointCab software, high-resolution point cloud processing has never been easier. It is your best partner when working with projects based on 3D laser scanning.

BIMfaktoria is the only Master Value Added Reseller of PointCab GmbH in Poland
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