Photogrammetry technique is a measurement method of acquiring visual data about an object through the use of digital cameras or drones. Photogrammetry results in point clouds, mesh models or orthophotos, which are used to create BIM models and 3D documentation. Point clouds derived from photogrammetry are generated and then imported into point cloud processing and processing software such as PointCab.

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Photogrammetry what is it?

Photogrammetry, right next to 3D laser scanning, is a measurement technique that involves taking pictures of buildings, urban areas and more. Digital cameras or drones are used for this purpose, taking thousands of shots in a very fast time, which can then be combined using specialized software. The programs combine the photos at points of contact. Photogrammetry is not as accurate as laser scanning, but its undeniable advantage is the quality of the color image. To achieve the best results from our work at BIMfaktoria, we combine both methods. Below you will find an example of one of the many models created by us using the photogrammetry technique:

When is photogrammetry used?

Because photogrammetry is a very fast technique, it is used for complex, detailed objects, where it is not required to create a complex 3D model by traditional methods. Photogrammetry is used wherever precise measurement is not required, but the client cares about visual effects. Photogrammetry is primarily intended for visual use, because it represents the detail of an object much better, unlike laser scanning.

Laser scanning results in point clouds, which can then be modeled, processed or manipulated. The same is true of photogrammetry. Its result can also be point clouds, so 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry are often combined to achieve the best result. Then we get a very precise measurement and the best visual representation in color.

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