Point clouds

A point cloud, is a multimillion-dollar collection of points that is a geometric representation of an object or building. Point clouds are created as a result of 3D laser scanning or photogrammetric measurements, and their structure is usually dense and complex, so specialized knowledge and software such as PointCab are required to process and process point clouds.

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Where point cloud can be used?

Point clouds obtained by laser scanning are dense, coherent structures and contain an incredible amount of information, as each individual point in the cloud has its own X, Y and Z coordinates. Point clouds can have practical applications in digitizing monuments and documenting them, detecting collisions, creating 2D documentation, 3D BIM modeling, as-built inventories and measurements during the construction process or surveying the volume of earth masses.

Depending on the area of application, different laser scanners are used and can achieve different accuracies and point cloud sizes. In the construction industry, ground-based or mobile laser scanners and sometimes even drones are used most often.

What can we help you with? BIMfaktoria provides services:

  • point cloud registration and processing;
  • combine different types of measurement data, e.g. TLS scanner + SLAM + drone;
  • convert to appropriate format e.g. .e57, .xyz;
  • prepare documentation from the provided point cloud (appropriate orthophotos);
  • preparation of animation or virtual walk WebExport in .html format;
  • preparation of PointCab Share archive;
  • preparation of models and drawings based on provided point clouds.

To simplify the entire point cloud processing process, the data is often first pre-processed in software dedicated to point cloud processing. For example, PointCab Origins or PointCab Pro can be used to create floor plans and vector lines, which can then be transferred to CAD or BIM software in the correct position and with all the important 3D information in .dfx or .dwg format. These formats can be processed by almost any CAD software and require much less storage space than an entire point cloud. Of course, there are now also plug-ins for most popular CAD and BIM software that can transfer 3D information from point cloud software directly into CAD or BIM software.


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