BIM Survey

BIM survey also known as building survey or construction-architectural inventory, is most often performed using 3D laser scanning and digital processing in CAD/BIM environments (preparation of 2D documentation: projections, sections, elevations and 3D models) and is used for existing buildings and historic structures.

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Point clouds, which are the product of laser scanning, make it possible to build from them precise 3D BIM models and carry out very accurate inventories of buildings, including historic buildings (historic BIM) creating a digital twin of Heritage BIM (HBIM).
Produced as a result of laser scanning, point clouds make it possible to build precise 3D BIM models and carry out very accurate building inventories, as well as digitizing monuments (historical BIM) and creating hertitage BIM (HBIM) models for restoration or reconstruction.

BIM survey – application

The architectural and construction inventory provides an up-to-date picture of the existing building. This is especially important when no archival design or as-built documentation of the building in question is available. The actual picture of the building is useful for a number of tasks, such as planning work for renovation, expansion, building adaptation, superstructure, demolition, interior design, calculation of usable floor space and more.

At BIMfaktoria, we conduct construction surveys using laser scanning technology, which is one of the most accurate measurement methods. This is especially important for inventories of historic buildings or industrial infrastructure (as-built documentation), which are characterized by high detail. As a result of laser scanning, we obtain a comprehensive point cloud, on the basis of which we create 3D BIM models, as well as 2D CAD architectural documentation.

As a result of the survey services, as required, the client can receive from us:

  • archived object in the form of a point cloud (3D model of the cloud for viewing),
  • orthophotos from the point cloud (flat plots),
  • 2D drawings (e.g. projections, sections, elevations, details) preparation in CAD/BIM environment;
  • 3D BIM model built in Archicad environment, possible to generate also in IFC or other extension;
  • BIMx model – a model with flat drawings generated from it for easy viewing on mobile devices;
  • quantitative data (e.g., area summary, carpentry list, etc.).

In the case of renovation, reconstruction or digitalization of historic buildings, BIM surveys and the resulting 3D BIM models are an invaluable source of data and information that can be used for further analytical studies and construction and investment works. In addition, BIM models help create attractive multimedia materials in the form of visualizations, animations or virtual tours.

What’s more, the information gleaned from the BIM inventory makes it possible to run complex simulations on the digitized facility, from structural, solar and shading analyses, to visualizations of designed changes, to evacuation or fire service diagrams.

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