Sztorch’s tenement house

In 1890, the plot on which the building stands was owned by Ida Tannenbaum and spouses Jan and Florentyna Nowak. The tenement was erected at the beginning of the 20th century in 1910 after the plot of land was purchased by Cheim Sztorch, who was responsible for the existing building. The building is still referred to as ‘Sztorch’s Tenement House’ in the local tradition. The Sztorch family owned the tenement house until the Second War.

The building has not changed its original function and is still in use as a multi-family residential building with a commercial section on the ground floor. On the northern and eastern sides, the building is separated from the streets by a green belt and a cobblestone pavement. On the south side, it is surrounded by a courtyard, extending to the railway and bus station area. In the post-war period, the building was renovated several times. Below, we present the result of the inventory work by laser scanning – the BIMx model, together with sample documentation elements.

BIMx model

Animation of the Heritage BIM model

Detail and orthophoto gallery

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